Star Wars Republic Command Gunship Army of the Republic Rare Unopened with box

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Star Wars Clone Wars

Republic Command Gunship

Army of the Republic

Very Rare Variant of the Republic Gunship and a must have for completing your Gunship collection.

Here is what you will receive:

·     Gunship in original, sealed package, never used

·     *** Above photos are examples, the item for sale is sealed and unopened.

·     Original Box, 98%

·     *** Pricing is firm.  The piece is near flawless and could almost be certified as is.

This ship is new and has ALL ORIGINAL accessories.  If you are comparing my pieces to others, ensure all of the following parts are included.  They must be original and the same color or the Command Gunship can loose up to 50% less in total value.  After-market parts are sometimes decent, but they detract value. Make SURE you get these parts:

·     Weapons, Accessories, Stickers, & Instructions

·     Deployable Troop Platform

·     Swiveling Tail Gun

·     2 Chin Gun Missiles

·     2 Firing Laser Cannons

·     2 Grappling Hooks

·     2 Rotating Turrets

·     2 Storage Bays

·     12 Bombs

·     Combat Handle

·     Vehicle Transport Bay

·     Opening Canopy

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